Take flight with a water powered Jetpack/ Flyboard at our Relentless locations in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, Florida year-round or our seasonal location in Ocean City, Maryland.


We provide thrill-seekers the rush of a life time. With Relentless Water Sports, you have the opportunity to take flight with a water propelled Jetpack or FlyBoard! In just seconds, you will be walking on water, running on air, and soaring above the water below you with ease.

During your flight you will have both a Certified Flight Instructor and a Flight Navigator focused solely on your successful Jetpack/  Flyboard experience. In addition, prior to your flight, your Flight Attendant will provide comprehensive Jetpack/ Flyboard instruction and a safety check.

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 East Coast Water Sports Rental Centers

Just a Jetpack and A Dream - Relentless Watersports is the actualized dream that a couple twenty-somethings had. What was going to be a summer at the beach in Ocean City for a few friends from Western Maryland became one of the world's first Jetpack/  Flyboard rental centers.